Saturday // December 1 // 23:00 - 08:00

Shxcxchcxsh // The Brvtalist // VTSS

Art Direction by Daniel Liddiard (@darkraum)

Shxchxchxsh has became synonymous to haunting and abstract experimental techno. With the intricate balance between light and dark as well as the realms of drone, noise and techno their productions must be described as versatile and broad.

VTSS, the Warsaw-based DJ and live act brings some of the purest, more raw energy to her expressive sets and live performances. As a resident of the infamous adventurous label/party Brutaż, VTSS has been challenging crowds in Warsaw and across Europe. Her performances oscillate around techno, electronic Body Music, rave, industrial and beyond. In her side project – Try – premiered at 2017 Unsound Festival, she portrays inspirations from polish folklore music & ambient, as well as from 80s industrial & early techno. 2018 Red Bull Music Academy finalist.

The Brvtalist

The Brvtalist is a writer, promoter and DJ with a focus on mutated metropolitan culture from around the globe. Since 2013, the platform has featured, collaborated and/or performed with a variety of artists across multiple disciplines including Julius (JP), Void Vision, Ancient Methods, Drab Majesty, Katie Gallagher, Obscur, Headless Horseman and countless others. Through the website of the same name, as well as the renown podcast series, New Brvtalism, The Brvtalist aims to expose music, fashion, art and more that all share the same dark, romantic allure.


JACK celebrates diversity, creativity and forward thinking electronic dance music. With a open minded and unconventional mindset JACK likes to play with expectations, art and music.

JACK, the new club in town creates space for approximately 650 openminded creatures of the night. Based in Zuidoost, only 10 minutes from Amstel station, JACK offers a new blend of clubbing that you won’t find anywhere else. 

- Dressing rooms available - 

Parking places are available on site or get here with ViaVan(Affordable Taxi.) 

Parking: Hogehilweg 20, 1101 CD Amsterdam
Taxi: ViaVan | promocode: patricia2u2
Metro: M54 | M50

Tickets: € 10,00 ex fee

Jacks Culture B.V. | All Rights Reserved 2018

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