Saturday // December 8 // 23:00 - 08:00

Architectural // Opuswerk // ZIZA

Art Direction by Daniel Liddiard (@darkraum)

Both a brand and an author, whose is the mind drawing the plans under that name? Whoever he is, he wanted to let the creativity that lies deep within run free, and has carved out his first tracks by cementing a solid base of sonic material made up of pure techno with minimalist touches. Pure concrete straight from Chicago with Detroit ripples and forged of alloys derived from the most genuine Soul.

Opuswerk’s reputation, is slowly resonating beyond the swiss mountains. In the studio, solo and as HISS:1292 (his project with François X), or behind the decks, he’s known for his ability to craft those special moments where life finally makes sense.

Ziza has been a dj for many years. In this period his sound went from house to techno, but in the end his real passion belongs to techno.
Although he is still a small DJ in Amsterdam, Ziza wants to show himself to the world through his sets.
Studio80, Radion, Club Poema, Lief festival, Rave Atelier Verknipt, are just a few locations where Ziza had the chance to show his skills, passion and his enthusiasm to the people.
Every set Ziza plays is a journey, a journey where he can give his passion and love for the music a light off day!


JACK celebrates diversity, creativity and forward thinking electronic dance music. With a open minded and unconventional mindset JACK likes to play with expectations, art and music.

JACK, the new club in town creates space for approximately 650 openminded creatures of the night. Based in Zuidoost, only 10 minutes from Amstel station, JACK offers a new blend of clubbing that you won’t find anywhere else. 

- Dressing rooms available - 

Parking places are available on site or get here with ViaVan(Affordable Taxi.) 

Parking: Hogehilweg 20, 1101 CD Amsterdam
Taxi: ViaVan | promocode: patricia2u2
Metro: M54 | M50

Tickets: € 10,00 ex fee

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