Saturday // February 9 // 23:00 - 08:00

Sauerkraut // Sander Petit & more TBA

Art Direction by Daniel Liddiard (@darkraum)



Sander Petit



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JACK Fruit is a new concept of JACK. Together we want to create a happy, loving and friendly environment for everybody and with everybody. The music for JACK Fruit’s nights are techno with a twist, think happy techno, ketapop, slowhouse or maybe we shouldn’t try to name it. Just come be open, feel welcome and let’s enjoy these amazing nights together.

There is a Chill area with lots of fluffy pillows, carpets, massage corner and the secret ingredient: YOU

Sauerkraut | Techno ist kein glitter

Sander Petit | Lawyer at day, DJ at night
Throughout the years, after visiting countless dancefloors across the globe and listening to hours and hours of fresh music and besides being an entertainment lawyer, Sander feels lucky to be able to share his favourite tunes with you. Ranging from deep and warm openers, to ferocious closing sets and from melodic deep house, rolling tech house, raging progressive tracks and straight forward techno to fuzzy afterhour glows, he adds a lot of energy and good vibes to a line-up. Doing so, he has played at Burning Man, Familiar Forest and De Zwarte Cross among other and yes, one or two afterparties as well

JACK Amsterdam open till 08:00 celebrates diversity, creativity and forward thinking electronic dance music. With a open minded and unconventional mindset JACK likes to play with expectations, art and music. JACK, the new club in town creates space for approximately 650 openminded creatures of the night. Based in Zuidoost, only 10 minutes from Amstel station, JACK offers a new blend of clubbing that you won’t find anywhere else.

Early-bird € 7,50 (ex. fee)
Regular: € 10,- (ex. fee)

Rooftop & Club
Parking: Check, Hogehilweg 20 1101 CD Amsterdam
Taxi: ViaVan (around €5-10)
Metro: M54
Dressingroom: Available

- Dressing rooms available - 

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