Celebrate diversity, creativity and unconventionality through electronic dance music and performance art at Amsterdam’s newest alternative club experience: JACK.


In its 650-person capacity industrial space near Amsterdam Arena (think laboratory meets nature-reclaimed loft), JACK plays with expectations, art and music, offering a new blend of clubbing that you won’t find elsewhere.


JACK welcomes everyone in a spirit of open-mindedness and dares the brave to be the fullest version of themselves—whether that’s covered in glitter, sporting latex, rocking jeans or simply nothing at all. We won’t judge you, as long as you don’t act like an a-hole.


Musically, Jack stands for quality over pretension, with a focus on house, techno and EBM brought to you by local heroes and daring international headliners.  


 JACK finds its uniqueness in setting the stage for musicians and performance artists unafraid to break boundaries. Art installations will pop up as DJs are doing their thing. Some will be obvious, others will not. Either way, brace yourself for the weird and wonderful at JACK.

Jacks Culture B.V. | All Rights Reserved 2018

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