Dear Friends

For the past two weeks communication has been on the low from our sides. Beside the fact that we had our week of recharging after ADE, we have some important things to share with you...

You may have noticed the fast changing landscape in the Amsterdam dance and creative scene, especially in the last year. A lot of developments have taken place, and not always in the best interest of our nightlife culture...

From our location in Amsterdam South-East, we have been looking

at the city and seeing clubs closing, rave organisations who are fighting to keep the rave culture alive and the fringes of our creative society taking some heavy hits.

And we have a feeling that this is not where it’s going to stop for the coming time.

We can imagine that seeing all these changes might not have been easy for you, it’s been hard on us as well... Seeing the nightlife culture of Amsterdam undergoing such metamorphoses, not knowing where it will lead, frightens our hearts. This topic has been central in lots of our internal discussions; what’s the role that we can play in keeping our beloved nightculture alive? And how can we be and remain ourselves, express our cultural and creative heart and bring people together?

From the very first moment that Jack was introduced, we have been working toward the 24 hour permit, which we believe can carry JACK to the next level. However, the conclusion of this permit has been delayed for this moment, so bear with us on this one, we could use it!

Now we have arrived in the last two months of the year. Looking back on the last year with all the things happening in Amsterdam, we want to set a course for the coming years in which we can grow, build and explore, together with you.

It’s our intention to let JACK be who he is and to give him space in what he can become...

That’s why we have decided that we won’t organize one of our own concepts like; JACK Fruit, JACK’s Family and Let’s JACK in November and December. This, to give ourselves the time and space to get in the creative mindset that we need in times like these. From January 2020 we will have new programming.

However, JACK will not be closed these months! We will still host club nights with partners, which we are very, very excited about:

09/11/19 Damage: In true Damage fashion they will give you the perfect mix between progressive house music and hardcore fetish.

23/11/19 Underworld After: Even more than parties, we LOVE afters. On the 23rd of November Underworld will play in the Ziggo Dome and the Underworld After shall be hosted under our roof.

07/12/19 Paradox: From a dance experience where rhythmic deephouse will warm you up, to the everlasting beat of melodic techno, where they takes you to another dimension.

14/12/19 The Spirit Train: Let us take you on the Playa to Africa and experience with us a very special magic moment 🐺🚂 °°°°° This is a "fundraiser" event and the entrance fees will be used to support the SPIRIT Train to return to Burn 2020 🙌

I can imagine you have your own opinion and ideas about everything that’s happening in the Amsterdam dance scene, creative scene and JACK. Do you feel the urge to share this, or want to get involved? Let us know, we are open for discussions, insights and collaborations. Don’t be a stranger and contact us by PM! Together is the way in which we thrive...

Playfully yours,


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