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Yesterday I (Marco of Venzo) organised the Kick-off diner for the Breaking Poverty campaign at Pakhuis de Zwijger in our new location: New Metropolis Zuidoost. The last couple of weeks I'd been speaking seperately to different communities like the the african, the arabic, the spanish speaking and the surinam community. We discussed how people get into poverty, and what solutions they need. After analysing all the input of the community, yesterday it was time to draw conclusions and accordingly commit together to fight poverty in 2020. We raised our glasses to hashtag#Breaking hashtag#Poverty. Many organisations were here to explain how they are commited to help on their behalf within their possibilities. Thanks for the speakers Minou Westzaan from Stichting !WOON, @Regina macnack from stichting hoop voor morgen, Ebe Treffers from projectdeveloper Wonam , and Jakob Wedemeijer from Gemeente Amsterdam, stadsdeel Zuidoost. They will all be in their own way part of the solution. Members of the second Chamber @henk nijboer and Gijs van Dijk have also let me know to be commited to helping us in our breaking poverty campaign in 2020. I want to thank all the organisations that have been involved in the preparation and invite others to join us. And thanks to Patricia Weijman club JACK

for sponsoring the drinks!

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