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You might not even know this: we started JACK as an underground techno and minimal oriented club. But experience has taught us that there is much more value in opening our form to any kind of event that resonates with our core values.

That being said, throughout the past two years we’ve also learned to tune in to the music that drives our own hearts. When the core of JACK grew stronger we realised it was time to reassess our own programming and what kind of events lay hidden in the corners of our minds.

With a creative team ideas are never far away, and opinions are often colourful additions to initial plans. As we’ve discovered, sometimes learning the hard way, it’s much more rewarding to spend our time programming events that warm our own jitters, instead of trying to adjust ourselves to “what’s trending”. We were never really gonna go for the traditional approach, there’s too much rebel in us for that. We just had to realise and own it.

And a rebel is never truly alone. There’s always someone around who, from their own perspective, feels where you’re coming from. We got to see the power behind that during one of our brainstorms where we birthed our current collection of concepts known as JACK Fruit, JACK’s Family and Let’s JACK.

As we’ve been doing the past few weeks with our partners, we’d also love to introduce you to our own storyline. In this blog you can read the first of a triple series on JACK’s collection, starting with our free spirited, artistic and colourful JACK Fruit.

JACK Fruit is as silly a play of words as it is a play on our wild, roaming, artistic side. Coming from a whole lot of core team meetings about the future of an underground techno/minimal bunker part of us felt the thrill of possibilities when we opened ourselves up to new directions. Truly many memorable nights belong to those dark beats and bunkers out there, and yet another part of us must acknowledge its love for the colourful, sunny, artsy, global village vibrations of festivals like Burning Man, Wildeburg, Fusion and so forth. You might already know that we feel a connection to the Burning Man principles and the fruit of us coming together and talking about that was JACK Fruit: Colourful moves and artistic expressions on keta-Pop, Glitter Techno and the rolling beats of uplifting Slowhouse.

Funny enough the soft sweetness and the funky appearance of a jackfruit became a fitting resemblance of the vibe at these events. People don’t just come as they are, they come in full colour. And whether it’s a vintage exchange market or just regular enthusiasm there is rarely an outfit that doesn’t make your cheeks swell into a smile, while the touch of (eco friendly) glitter brings everything to life under your eyes.

And while I’m at it, researching this curious product of nature, I’m surprised to find many more silly details that are in line with those who feel at home at JACK Fruit. For example, it has often traveled many miles, before it reaches our Amsterdam Toko’s, and frequently stands out from the bunch. So we meet many friendly strangers, who quickly turn into strange friends as they share where they’re from, where they’ve been and what it all has brought them along the way. Naturally, a jackfruit can’t form words, but I bet if it could tell you a story you’d taste the same flavour of freedom I taste during JACK Fruit.

Another exceptional detail my friend Wiki just told me, jackfruit might become our food of the future! As a great replacement for products with a heavy footprint, jackfruit offers an earth friendly, nutritious and delicious alternative. Well, you could definitely try your chances in taking a bite out of any of the JACK Fruit tribe, but generally their earth friendly value comes in a variety of expressions that don’t involve chewing on each other.

Our favourite is dancing for the sunset on our roof terrace while we enjoy the smokey snacks of our Bring-Your-Own-Food-BBQ session. Radical sharing, radical enjoyment.

We are always open for artists and creatives who are looking for a location to expose, create, collaborate or perform. If you are curious to know more, come and feel the vibe at our next JACK Fruit 4 April 2020. Or send us a message on facebook!

ART credits:

Alexander Ivanov


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