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You might not even know this, but we started JACK as an underground techno and minimal oriented club. But experience has taught us that there is much more value in opening our form to any kind of event that resonates with our core values.

That being said, throughout the past two years we’ve also learned to tune in to the music that drives our own hearts. When the core of JACK grew stronger we realised it was time to reassess our own programming and what kind of events lay hidden in the corners of our minds.

With a creative team ideas are never far away, and opinions are often colourful additions to initial plans. As we’ve discovered, sometimes learning the hard way, it’s much more rewarding to spend our time programming events that warm our own jitters, instead of trying to adjust ourselves to “what’s trending”. We were never really gonna go for the traditional approach, there’s too much rebel in us for that. We just had to realise and own it.

And a rebel is never truly alone. There’s always someone around who, from their own perspective, feels where you’re coming from. We got to see the power behind that during one of our brainstorms where we birthed our current collection of concepts known as JACK Fruit, JACK’s Family and Let’s JACK.

As we’ve been doing the past few weeks with our partners, we’d also love to introduce you to our own storyline. In this blog you can read the second of a triple series on JACK’s collection, following with the warm-hearted, basement-rave-gone-wild: JACK’s Family.

You may or may not know the creative genius behind JACK today, and the who really doesn’t matter. There is however a truth that shouldn’t be overlooked. True creative genius never thrives alone. You have an idea, and like a seed planted in your subconscious you talk about it with your friends, family, and all those willing to listen. They share their thoughts, they share their hopes for you and so the seed is lovingly nourished into a sprout that bravely makes its way up to the surface. And that moment when it breaks from the dark earth to show its tiny, green face for the first time - a momentous moment - there is a wonderful realisation: so many have contributed their energy to what was once an idea, slowly forging it into reality!

“True creative genius never thrives alone”

This feels like an excellent opportunity to share our heartfelt thank you to all those who indeed have contributed their time and energy to JACK along the way. Whatever separate roads we have decided to take along the way we look back with appreciation, admiration and gratefulness for all those who were (and are still) brave enough to step into this roller coaster with us! So if we haven’t said it to you with so many words before, we sure hope you read this now. Thank you! For all you’ve done :)

Ok great, sentimental moments aside, we were on a mission to introduce our family to you. There’s this thing that many have said about family; you don’t choose them. Which funnily enough applies to JACK’s family as well, even though I’m now pulling a super confuse on you by insinuating that there are actual bloodlines involved here. JACK didn’t choose his family, they chose him. The past four years of nourishing this seed, until it sprouted about two years ago, there were those who were always there in the moment we needed them most. Whether it was a much needed gentleness during core team meetings, or painting walls in our (way to) shiny new venue, or their fruitful ideas during the creative brainstorm that gave us a new direction… They were there, full force, at the core of it all.

Many of them creative geniuses themselves, and as we gave them space to create their own event, JACK’s Family collective was born. Naturally, you’ll find those that produce and perform music at its core, but JACK’s family goes way beyond that. Like The Rumpus Room we started out sharing our passion for music with all those attracted to the magnetism of our group, with our homes and basements as the perfect after venues (which is part of the reason why we invited them to host one of our Voluntary Fridays). Those behind the tables provided the most delicious beats and rhythms for those who provided the dance moves and enjoyment (and the drinks!). And so we care for each other, time and time again, perfecting the art of being a rave family.

With music central to our lovin’ you might be able to imagine the sparks of excitement that arose in hearing we could move all those beats and rhythms to a -basement inspired- venue with a sound system that makes sweet love to your ears. I know all you music lovers who have visited know what I’m talking about right now.

In some ways this aspect of our programming had the longest path towards growth, because it started out as such an intimate affair. And with those spontaneous afters as the trigger for our gatherings we had to shift our perspective a little towards a workable event in a club. One thing is for sure, we are happy JACK has finally exchanged his shiny newness for his raw and spicy flavour. And that we get to play in our own personal playground and entertain so many more ravers while we’re at it.

A trip down memory lane for you:

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Victoria Borodinova

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