Safe Space

Safe Space

Safety is different for everyone. For JACK Amsterdam it’s important that we offer a safe creative gathering space. Whether we’re speaking of sexual orientation, self-expression or physical safety, we make sure we care for our visitors.

It’s our vision that everyone present at JACK is safe to explore and be who he/she is and wants to be. During the week there’s already a lot of pressure on us. Society expects certain behaviour, pushes us into boxes of order and “proper” expression. But life is wild and messy, and sometimes you need to get rid of all those rules and regulations for who you are supposed to be and just express you exactly the way you want to.

The weekend is our moment to release and just be. JACK hosts a space without judgement, where we stimulate our visitors to open up to this freedom centered way of expression.

What may seem like small details ensures a safe environment at JACK. We don’t allow photos or videos inside, because it doesn’t matter what you look like (we focus on how you feel). We also have changing rooms, so you can change into whatever makes you feel good under the safe embrace of our changing curtain. We make an effort to train our team and security staff, everyone at JACK lives our house rules.

But safety inside of JACK is not our only thing that keeps us busy. We focus on safety around the club too, on the street and on the way there. That’s why we cherish JACK's place on the safety team of the municipality and we fight for safety in public transport and in the street. Central to our approach is opening up and breaking through the conversation about taboos. That starts with talking to each other.

JACK aspires to develop an alternative clubbing experience based on release of judgement (of others and yourself). At JACK you’re welcomed to show the full version of yourself, however you decide to express that. Covered in glitter, wearing slacks, showing all your colours, or going pure latex, wearing jeans, or nothing at all... you are welcome! Just don’t be an A-hole.

JACK Amsterdam Photography: Studio Mimik Styling: Studio Mimik & Nastia Rouge Mask: Melissa van Heijst Dress: Sasha Louise Text: Patricia Weijman & José Der Kinderen

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