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More and more JACK Amsterdam opens his doors to fellow creatives for collaborations and partner events. As we welcome a diverse selection of characters - you know it, the music scene is full of them - we learn to appreciate the colourful scheme that it’s painting in our programme. It’s reminding us to explore a little deeper beyond the surface and get to know our partners through their drives, passions and approach to creative expression. And what do you know, we find ourselves mirrored in the most unexpected places.

This Saturday, 23 November 2019, the grounds of JACK will become the house of Underworld as Beautiful Burnouts host their unofficial after following the concert in the Ziggo Dome earlier that evening. We are excited to tell you more about where we see the link between Underworld and JACK. Unofficial Underworld Aftershow Party

“Drift is the opposite of ‘normal’ or ‘usual’ practice; we’ll do this until we’re dust.”

JACK is driven by certain core values that are at the source of everything we do. It shapes the way we walk, talk, dance and play - during events and at the office. And what do you know… There are so many more who share these values and express them in their own unique way.

Meet Underworld In 2018 they announced a project that would reflect upon nearly 30 years of work, but mostly it would be an outlet for experimentation, new releases, and spontaneous creativity. On 1 November 2018, Underworld started a year-long experimental music-and-video project named Drift, which aimed to release music every Thursday for a year, most of it new, recorded and mixed in the days following the previous release.

Are you a producer or artist yourself? Then you must be able to grapple the immense dedication it takes to maintain such a project. Inspiration is like a breeze, passing over you, swiftly. It’s a moment that arises spontaneously, you can’t summon it. It depends on your ability to recognize that moment and give it space to come to a full expression.

Without any map or fixed destination, Rick, Karl, Simon and Robin set off with a simple mantra: “Drift is the opposite of ‘normal’ or ‘usual’ practice; we’ll do this until we’re dust.”

‘DRIFT would go on to be a wildly ambitious, wilfully experimental, occasionally maddening, never less than intriguing ride. It contains music, writing and film that spans genres and continents, created in hotel rooms, kitchens, tour buses, cars and studios. Along the way, they invited techno producers, economics writers, Japanese noise musicians and Australian improv trance acts in to add their unique perspectives to DRIFT.’

What jumped out straight away while listening to series 1 is the mad diversity of the music alone. It proves to us once more that beauty is in the broad spectrum of endless possibility and we enjoy the products of those brave enough to explore its depths.

Curiosity and experimentation ‘Rick Smith and Karl Hyde’s aim was to create and publish music and film episodically for 52 weeks and see where the journey took them.’ Over time, the duo’s innate curiosity opened up a unique space in which they could experiment, learn and explore new frontiers – together and with others. This is exactly what lights our fire at JACK, as we open our doors to everyone who is curious to explore more of what the night has to offer. Without expectations or judgements about the form it takes. Together, expanding our boundaries in a playful way, exploring our unique creative expression.

“A happy wanderer journeying without purpose, to move through places with no other objective than to experience the moment”

Inviting you to drift along…

Breaking new ground In the ever changing realm of creativity, the music scene is transforming at a rapid pace. Our visitors, society and life are forcing us to step out of our comfort zones and try something new. For the pioneers and pirates among us there’s little left to sink our teeth into these days, in a scene where underground has become mainstream and a rave is something you do every friday night. The novel breath of underground excitement is slowly dying. Naturally, mainstream never satisfied the creative soul and with electronic dance music commercialised, artists are driven to explore new horizons.

What an inspiration it is to learn about an initiative that has centralized it’s creative adventure and allowed it to lead its makers to full expression. How many of us allow the chaos of daily life to overtake us, and struggle in the waves to catch a breath of inspiration? Forgetting that what we truly need for creativity to arise is a certain deafness to what is expected of us, the “normal”, and utter immersion in our own process. DRIFT signifies such surrender and the result is quite remarkable.

“A unique and expansive audio/visual document of that open and constantly evolving recording process – seven discs of immersive and exploratory music that dive deep inside the band’s psyche.”

Moving pictures, colourful pages and progressive beats. This project goes further than just the music, as it takes you on a journey, an immersive and exploratory documentation of 52 weeks of creative madness. Truly, we are excited to host the unofficial after for a concert in name of such genius.

But most of all we are excited to welcome fellow pirates in the scene, who are inspired by the wild and unexpected ways of our creative fire and let it lead them to wherever they deem appropriate. And the beauty in that path is its untameable, inexhaustible and unpredictable nature.

“DRIFT will return, and it will be different. Underworld will go where the hell they want.”

Surely you are left wanting more of that as soon as the final tunes of the encore leave your eardrums eager and craving. I am here to tell you that you need not contain yourselves. JACK will sooth your cravings as he does, opening his doors for you on Saturday 23rd of November between 23:30 and 23:45.

Satisfy your cravings here

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